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“After completing Employability Fund, I have now gained employment within a local business where I feel appreciated and have fitted in well with the team”
Shirlie Project Trainee

employability fund

If you have left school and you are not yet in further education, employment or training the “Employability Fund” might be for you.

We provide high quality one-to-one support to enable young people to access employment and reach their potential.

Our aim is to ensure that you will:

  • Gain the most from your experience
  • Gain the skills to successfully apply for jobs
  • Gain a realistic idea of what a career would involve including organised a work experience placement
  • Receive positive support that builds around your needs and abilities
Shirlie Project Employability programme

making it real

If you face Mental Health issues such as Depression or Anxiety, and want to explore some options, “Making it Real” is for you.

We deliver a gateway programme aimed at people with Mental Health issues becoming more active and engaged in their lives and local community.

Sessions include:

  • Series of informal sessions to explore options and opportunities
  • Through the sessions we will be looking to explore the skills and abilities you have to offer employers and the wider community
  • A chance to take control of your future

try it out
-supported employment-

If you feel you need some support to help you gain employment or work experience, “Try it Out” might be for you.

Thanks to our specialised job coach service we provide high quality one-to-one support to enable people to gain and maintain employment and reach their full potential.

  • We will support you to look for work or work experience
  • We can give you some extra help with health and personal confidence issues
  • We can help you to improve your employment prospects

helping us
to build confidence
in the workplace

We believe
in your skills